CURT'S GIFT (Davisson-J 2012)

$40.00 Double Fan

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CURT'S GIFT (Davisson-J 2012)

CURT'S GIFT (Davisson 12) Many years ago Curt Hanson gifted me with a "blue" lavender seedling that I used to produce both HIGH WATER MARK and CAROLINA COOL DOWN. Crossing those two introductions together shows Curt's gift is a gift that keeps on giving having produced this 8" dark "blue" lilac bitone with lighter lilac sepals, an orchid watermark, and a cream to green throat. Stellar plant habit with sturdy 42" scapes with 6 and 7 way branching, 25 to 28 buds (see scape photo). It blooms mid to late season and is a semi-evergreen. Easily fertile both ways.... even when it's hot. Thank you, Curt!!!


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